Our Story Begins Here

Our mission is as important to us as your student, achiever, or sorority sister is to you.                                                                       

Why We Design to Empower

By weaving creativity with social responsibility, Mango Fish, Inc.™ aims to empower and address women living in poverty through employment opportunities and mentoring. 

Lori Novis, founder and principal artisan, whose career has been spent in public service, has seen the power of mentoring while working for a tough urban public library system in New Jersey. In fact, Lori had a direct impact on one young woman, taking her from the streets of Trenton, NJ, to St. Petersburg, FL, where she just earned her Master’s degree. See this story and more of her coworkers’ mentoring success stories here (coming soon!).  

More recently, while working with high school students in Franklin County, MA, Lori alarmingly discovered that 40% of the students with whom she worked were living at poverty. This statistic was utterly shocking to Lori, and from this she was propelled to do something about it

Lori soon realized that the jewelry business she started while living in the Caribbean, and her deep love for art, could be scaled up to showcase and highlight the official colors of educational institutions and sororities. Thus, the Proud of U.™ Gift Collection was created. Educational and sorority markets are robust, thus leading to job creation and helping to address poverty.

To date, Mango Fish, Inc.™ has trained 4 western MA artisans, and the company is currently donating profit to Pioneer Valley Power Packs that supply students at four public schools with weekend nourishment in the hometown of Mango Fish, Inc.™.

Mango Fish, Inc.™ is honored to adorn and celebrate students, graduates and sorority sisters while lifting up others. 


Lori Novis, Principal Artisan and CEO