Why Mango Fish, Inc.?

Why Mango Fish, Inc.?

Its Name and Company Origin


Where did the name, Mango Fish, come from? 

My husband and I lived on the colorfully picturesque, tiny, Puerto Rican island of Culebra, where we owned Mango Fish Guesthouse. Our beloved neighbor, Miguelina, grew mangoes on a postage stamp piece of property and shared with us 9 different species of mangos … mango trees can get BIG! She told us all of their names — mamita, pina, pasote and others …. some were eaten fresh, others we turned into jams. Their skins were a pastel painting, golden yellow, tangerine orange, rose pink, deep plum.

Dear Miguelina teaching Lori how to cook arroz con gandules


Miguelina and Marcos's home surrounded by huge mango trees 

We thought it utterly amazing that these robust and fruitful trees could grow on such a small lot. We thought it miraculous as these trees provided substantial shade and nourishment, asking for little in return. 

Fish became an important part of our name and logo as Culebra is known for its pristine waters that are perfect for marveling under the sea, yet one fish really captured our imagination and attention, the Palometa fish. Palometa are silver glittery fish, wafer thin with extraordinary long and dark fins. In other words, they are simply beautiful. But there’s more!

 World famous Flamenco Beach ... Palometa fish would find us here, too!

Whenever we snorkeled at remote Carlos Rosario beach, a school of Palometa fish would arrive out of nowhere, darting between our legs, nibbling on the sea floor that we just churned up, and swimming with us until we entered the deeper channel and thus the coral reefs. We encountered Palometas each and every time we entered Culebra’s waters and saw it as something so magical and beautiful, that we decided to introduce and share them with others through our logo!

How does this all relate to our Proud of U.™ gift collection, our company and its mission?

Lori's jewelry career began in the Caribbean, where she celebrated vibrant tropical colors in her work.

We are in the business of showcasing the official Pantone colors of colleges, universities, private and public schools, sororities, and other achievement-based organizations. Culebra showcased her glorious colors to us daily. They were simply miraculous. We now have the honor of working with schools and sororities, highlighting their uniquely beautiful palette of colors for our Proud of U. gift collection.


University of Massachusetts Amherst College Gifts

 Honoring the University of Massachusetts at Amherst

Williston Northampton School Graduation Gifts Easthampton MA

Celebrating the Williston Northampton School and its graduates!

Our pendants, although petite, exude the grand magic and intricacies of one’s finest achievements, whether academic, athletic, or in sisterhood. Behind each mango tree is a strong effort to grow, thrive and create … so, too, is it when one accomplishes a goal or a milestone, such as graduation or sorority acceptance.

The Palometa represent our strong mission to lift up women living in poverty through employment at Mango Fish, Inc.™. Time and time again, the Palometa would show up, against the tides and rough seas, to offer us their beauty and guidance to the deeper sea. Our leadership at Mango Fish, Inc. will always show up to address invisible rural poverty, beginning in western MA, flowing out to all of New England, and beyond to the dynamic sea that we call America. 

Here at Mango Fish, Inc., we believe that you, too, can --








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