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Mango Fish, Inc.

Kente Pin

Kente Pin

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Discover Mango Fish, Inc.'s exquisite hand-beaded Kente bead, elegantly showcased on a gleaming gold pin, a heartfelt homage to African-American students. Each bead (hand sewn with 72 glass and crystal beads) is intricately woven with vibrant colors, drawing from the rich symbolism of Kente Cloth.

Symbolizing heritage and pride, the golden hues represent wealth and prestige, while red embodies passion and vitality. Green signifies growth and harmony, and blue evokes peace and wisdom. Celebrate the cultural legacy and academic achievements of African-American students with Mango Fish's stunning tribute, a timeless accessory that can adorn one's lapel, a scarf, a hat, one's commencement regalia or backpack.

The pin is gold-plated. Precious metal components are available, simply use our contact form to inquire.

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