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Mango Fish, Inc.

Kyanite Wire-Wrapped Bracelet

Kyanite Wire-Wrapped Bracelet

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Dive into the world of ethereal beauty with Mango Fish Inc.'s hand-beaded Kyanite Bracelet, a stunning piece meticulously crafted to captivate both the eye and the soul. Adorned with complimentary glass and crystal beads, this bracelet is a true masterpiece that harmonizes style with metaphysical significance.

Blue Kyanite takes center stage in this exquisite creation, showcasing its enchanting hues that range from serene blues to deep indigos. Beyond its aesthetic allure, Kyanite is revered for its metaphysical properties, believed to align and balance one's energies. As a powerful crystal, Kyanite is associated with promoting clear communication, enhancing intuition, and fostering tranquility.

The hand-beaded design of the bracelet seamlessly integrates the soothing energies of blue Kyanite with the complimentary glass and crystal beads, creating a harmonious symphony of colors and textures. Whether worn as a fashion statement or embraced for its metaphysical benefits, this bracelet is a versatile companion for those seeking both style and holistic well-being.

Embrace the dual essence of style and metaphysical grace, making this bracelet a meaningful addition to your personal adornments.

Choose from four bracelet sizes. This wire-wrapped bracelet uses memory wire, a lightweight and fully expandable metal material, retracting back to its original shape, gently hugging one's wrist.

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