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Jasper Bracelet Captures the Beauty of Glacial Potholes

Jasper Bracelet Captures the Beauty of Glacial Potholes

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Introducing our meticulously handcrafted glacial pothole bead, designed with a variety of semi-precious stones: picture jasper, gray jasper, pyrite, hematite, golden obsidian and tiger eye. Picture jasper is the prominent bead used in this organic bead design.

Indulge in the captivating beauty and grounding energy of Picture Jasper – a gemstone masterpiece that tells the story of Earth's artistry. Picture Jasper, renowned for its unique patterns reminiscent of scenic landscapes, is more than just a stone; it's a journey through nature's canvas.

Known for its grounding properties, Picture Jasper is believed to bring a sense of stability and connection to the Earth. Embrace the calming energy that emanates from the intricate landscapes within each stone. Picture Jasper is your grounding anchor, providing a harmonious balance in the midst of life's chaos.

Unlock your creative potential with Picture Jasper's ability to stimulate the imagination. This gemstone is thought to enhance visualization and creativity, making it an ideal companion for artists, writers, and visionaries. Let the natural artistry of Picture Jasper inspire your innovative spirit.

The glacial potholes of Shelburne Falls, MA, rest in stark contrast to the highly celebrated Bridge of Flowers, where we have drawn inspiration for our Bridge of Flowers jewelry collection. .

The glacial potholes are mesmerizing as well, with a kaleidoscope of rich, earthy, striated tones of amber, copper, grays and blacks. They, like the Bridge of Flowers, are ever changing as the seasons arrive.

The glacial potholes are geological marvels shaped by the relentless forces of melting glacial water. As the last Ice Age waned, immense torrents of water carried rocks and debris, creating swirling vortexes that drilled into the bedrock.

Over millenia, this abrasive action sculpted cylindrical cavities, known as glacial potholes, into the solid granite. The distinct layers of sediment, mineral deposits and striations within these potholes tell a geological tale of the region's ancient past, providing a glimpse into the dynamic processes that shaped this captivating and invigorating landscape.

Our newest glacial pothole bead is blended with nature-inspired aethetics and timeless elegance.

We offer the bead on two bracelet designs -- a bangle or wire-wrapped, and in a variety of sizes.

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