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Mango Fish, Inc.

Blue & Green Beaded Bookmark (Williston Northampton School)

Blue & Green Beaded Bookmark (Williston Northampton School)

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Our bookmark makes a timeless keepsake gift for Williston Northampton School faculty, staff, alumni and current students.

Honor and celebrate the Williston Northampton School family with a literary gift!

Our hand-sewn blue and green glass and crystal beaded bookmark is an homage to the esteemed Williton Northampton School community and campus that shares its same hometown of Easthampton, MA, with Mango Fish, Inc.!

Our Williston Northampton bead is meticulously crafted to embody the spirit of this distinguished institution, harmoniously incorporating blue and green beads -- the official colors of Williston Northampton School.

This bespoke bookmark is a sophisticated accessory that not only marks your literary adventures but also honors the rich heritage of Williston Northampton. 

Explore the artistry of Mango Fish's craftsmanship and celebrate your connection to Williston Northampton School with every turned page.


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